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Why FDSWeb?


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Why FDSWeb.net?    FDSI has been writing quality software for the Fuel Distributor for over 40 years.  We know your business!


FDSWeb is a platform independent solution.  Take care of business from your Windows Computer,  Apple Computer,  Android Tablet, Apple IPad, Android Phone, IPhone, Windows Phone, or Blackberry Phone!


Choose from our In-Office solution or our ‘In the Cloud’ Data Center Solution.  We have the solution that fits you!


Compare the high up front costs of our competitors against our low cost entry amount.  Keep you operating money in your pocket!


FDSWeb offers the best value for your money! 


Web-Based Software (SaaS)

On-Premise Software

Cost to implement

Typically low fee, only need an Internet connection

Higher, including hardware, IT support and infrastructure

Upfront capital cost

No upfront cost

Upfront capital cost.  Purchase of Server and Server Software

Hidden costs

None, predictable monthly subscription fees

Potential for additional costs if Server fails or Upgrades are necessary

Time to implement

Short: days to weeks

Longer: weeks, months or longer

Cost of upgrades

None, included automatically with service

Software support agreement must be in effect of software upgrades

Frequency of upgrades

Ongoing product enhancements, typically released monthly

Software upgrades are available for download from the FDSI web site to customers with a current software support agreement.

Customer training

Simple web-based interface is easy to learn

Typically requires on-site training.  Travel expenses billed separately.

Customer support

Customer support included with the subscription and online help and resources are available

Separate monthly billing based on number of users and modules purchased.

Data security

Stored offsite with a highly sophisticated backup and rigorous security system

Stored on-site, backup is customer responsibility.