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Fuel Data Systems, Inc is proud to introduce FDSWeb.netFDSWeb.net is a completely web browser based software application designed specifically for the fuel distribution industry.  This means that you can immediately use any Internet Explorer capable device to access your business records.

Whether you are at home, traveling on business, or anywhere you have an internet connection you are connected to your business!

Let FDSI host your site and do away with every day chores such as software upgrades and data backups so you can maintain focus on what you do best, running and growing your business!



FDSI Hosting

For a small monthly fee let Fuel Data Systems, Inc. host your web site.  You will have your own secure web site address such as        https://www.abcfuel.fdsweb.com to access you business records.  This site is accessible anywhere in the world!

FDSI will automatically apply software upgrades, manage your database, and backup your data.

FDSI lets you let go of your computer system worries and lets you focus on your business!

Host your own site

Fuel Data Systems, Inc. will work with your IT staff to help you host your own site.  FDSI will guide you step by step in setting up your own web server so that you can host your software in house.  You maintain full control of when software upgrades are applied and have complete control over when your backups are done.

FDSI has been writing and maintaining Fuel Distribution Software for over 36 years. 

We know your business!

Let FDSI host your web based fuel software or host it on your own.  The choice is up to you!

Unshackle yourself from your computer.

Visit www.fueldatasystem.com or call 800-447-7870 today for more information.


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